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We Build Companies and scalable opportunities

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What We Do

Investments with an eCommerce focus, Shares & Stocks in profitable businesses. Real estate interests to diversify and alternative investment opportunities to grow a portfolio.


Our Approach

We strongly believe branding enhances the value and dependability of investments.
Hence we focus on brand building through value-added USP’s within both established and disruptive industry sectors


Our Mission

We aim to increase our investments into both “safe” modern scalable businesses with a unique proposition balancing our investment into more disruptive industry sectors.

Investment portfolio must contain scalable and high ROI opportunities to ensure the growth of the fund so that we can continue to invest in exciting businesses.


About Our Firm

We are a privately held company established in 2017. Set up to strategically grow investment portfolio.

Our founder and management are seasoned business experts who have deep experience in eCommerce, real estate, manufacturing and marketing. Based in CEME, one of the best innovation hubs in London.

Our Team

Afzol Ali

Director and Founder

Afzol Ali

Founder & Director

Entrepreneur, product development expert and business coach.

Skilled in strategic investments, and bringing to market unique products and multi-channel sales.

Management and Advisors

Risehive management team of industry experts and advisors

Foysol Ali

Operations Manager and Advisor

Sabena Be

Marketing Advisor

Ruhul Hasan

Project Manager and Property Consultant

Investment In People

 Not only do we offer support but we believe in people and direct mentor support for businesses we invest in.

Private Equity

Investing in modern businesses primarily focused in digital and ecommerce

Our Focus

Investing in a mixture of passive assets and active equities in key areas of expertise.

Digital Growth

We have a keen focus on digital businesses. With a specific interest in scalable brand building.

We have deep knowledge in growing businesses through e-commerce, brand building, logistics and marketing.

Generating sales through a mixture of streams including direct-to-consumer website brands and marketplace sales.


Passive investments into businesses and projects that we believe through Shares, Stocks and DeFi.

Investing in businesses with strong ethics and social responsibility policies.

Regularly assessing and adjusting portfolios based on macroeconomic models and strong financial fundamentals.


 Investment in both development and lettings management.

We believe investment in the property sector allows us to balance our risk and ensure strategic asset allocation.

Our Office

Risehive Limited

CEME, Marsh Way, London

RM13 8EU

Office Hours

Mon-Fri: 9am – 5pm
Sat-Sun: Closed