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Investments, assets and businesses which Risehive is either directly or passively involved through the founders, advisors, SPV and JV partners


Innovative lifestyle brand

Riseicon creates evergreen products inspired by Urban designs, automotive and travel.

Designing innovative premium products for an adventurous lifestyle.


Independent Tech, Console and PC gaming retailer.

Staraxe is a direct-to-consumer retailer and wholesaler of leading brands in the technology and gaming niche. Served over 200,000+ customers and strong partnerships with publically listed distributors and brands.


Development, Management and Lettings

Property development, investment and lettings have been a core interest. Primarily focused within the East of England, London and Midlands area of UK.

Combining the management of all assets under one “roof”.

Ruhul Hassan, qualified project manager, joined our advisory team to oversee property projects.

We are always open to adding appreciating assets and doing JV on Value-Add developments.


Digital Marketing and Design

Riseink Media initially started to provide all the digital design and marketing services to our own businesses. Soon branching off to provide services to clients.

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